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Ok, this: is lulzy in the sense it appears to have been drawn by a talented 6 year old who's deeply into sparkly ponies (and merman titties).
And this:  The tiny feet! The tumor-like abs! The lopsided arms! It's like something Dr. Frankenstein would create after a helluva bender.
Even better, I just noticed it's marked mature.

And this:  That the tears make it look like her eyes are melting is only classed up by the markers and notebook paper execution.

Intrigued, I checked her profile to see if she was in fact a first grader or just severely mentally retarded. Her profile is quite an amusing fustercluck. Maybe it's just me not being around people like this very much, but I was laughing my butt off.

I feel like I'M the alpha female and a princess! So PH33R ME!Collapse )

There a few journal entries too, it's hard to tell - trying waaaay to hard to be random? Actually this delusional? Troll?


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